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March 17, 2012
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The next day Phoebe had gone back into town and ordered  furniture from every store on the high street that made home deliveries, she also had people come and measure the kitchen, bathrooms and living room as she had already picked what she wanted them to look like via show rooms, how she had done this all by one-thirty I don't know, but I imagine all this would have cost quite a lot of money, she had sent us all to an amusement park  called Drayton Manor, for a second the name seemed to bring a vision full of memories to the forefront of my mind but they went as they came; very spontaneous and fast, leaving me with no recollection of them again, but from what I saw it was clear that I had been there before and enjoyed it, it's clear that I'm just never meant to remember my past…

She made us go to keep us out of the way for the day. Dee had copied Oli's image again, and after going on all the rides there at least three times over and collecting all the photos from every individual one, Midnight had forced us into the zoo to speak to his fellow feline friends, some of the people nearby were looking at him weirdly as he was purring, grunting and meowing slightly every now and again.

Most of them seemed to recognise him and speak as though they were good friends, from what I could tell anyway, not that I could understand what they were saying, but their tails flicked lazily about like Midnight's did when he was happy, although a lioness seemed to look at him with a very clear look of disgust and turn her rear towards him as she stalked off to the back of one of the enclosures, we had visited all the big cat enclosures and of all them the leopards seemed to enjoy his company most. Well it was understandable, he was a leopard after all, black leopards aren't a different species they're just born a different colour due to genetics and are more universally known as black panthers. All of them came up to the fences and meowed and purred happy to see their long lost friend. While they had their reunion the rest of the group broke into the sandwiches we brought from Miss Sweetness's.

I smiled at Aero… and he returned it. It was weird to see him showing any kind of emotion at all let alone smile. He was always so content and reserved.
By the time we came back everything was almost finished all the windows were open, drying the wet paint faster, Phoebe was sitting around the newly fitted granite breakfast bar on a high stool eating a cupcake.

The entire house was decorated in blacks, greys and creams, while the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms were different assortments of blues and the bedrooms were painted in the occupants favourite colours, two walls were one colour and the other two another as everyone would be sharing rooms, and not to my knowledge up until two minutes ago the attic had been converted into a room which was painted in red and black; everywhere looked amazing. Phoebe had even found time to buy shopping, cutlery, plates and all the other finishing touches, each bedroom had two four-poster beds, two chest of draws a dressing table with mirrors for the girls or a table with two body long mirrors for the guys, once everyone had toured the house and seen the giant makeover we all chose our rooms.

Logan and I took the blue and moss green room, Midnight and Aero took the black and white room, Assassin went straight into the attic room, Oli and Dee went for the pink, purple and lilac room, Phoebe took the orange room and there was one room left with two empty beds that had been painted a light yellow. And shortly after settling in, she had deposited a box full of everyone's things from the warehouse in their rooms, as I didn't have anything but the clothes on my back in the first place, she had placed two large stacks of clothes and a laptop she says for my birthday on my bed beside me, even though it was a few weeks ago, I thanked her with a bear hug and continued my conversation with Logan.

"Well, like she said in the café, you'll learn in time, and we'll probably start tomorrow now that everywhere is fixed up" I smiled at him and lay on my back, my head sunk into a plump pillow, Logan was sitting on the window ledge facing me.

"Yeah, probably, so what do you think of the house?" He said as he watched Midnight poke his head through the open door his visible eye curious, he was probably checking who was in what room, I looked up to see what Logan was staring at as he turned and left.

"It's nice, a house will be something I'll get use to in time, hot water, new clothes, food, it feels weird to be treated nicely, y'know, I like it."

"Well obviously. Dude, I feel so bad for you, you've missed out on all the fun stuff you get to do when growing up" Logan's voice was soft and sympathetic, well as soft as it could be; his voice was breaking and went from one pitch to another halfway through a word and would go and come as it pleased for the past few hours.

"How exactly am I supposed to reply to that? I don't really know any better, that's how my life has been for the last seven years and I don't remember anything before it, its weird to be out of routine, doing things when I want to do them, like, waking up when I want to or having a lie in if I feel like it without getting woken up, actually being able to talk to people face to face instead of from a speaker or from behind a tinted piece of glass, an actual bed, friends… having these things- having freedom is nice, I may have missed out but it's all I know. And no chains I never want anything around my ankles and wrists again, not even jewellery."

"Must have been horrible, and you keep saying everything is "nice" you must love it! nice can't really express what you're trying to say". He said earnestly.

"Yes, the experimenting was bad. It was more like torture, and I had accepted that my parents or any known relatives I had had probably given up hope and stopped looking for me, I'll never be truly happy until I regain my memory…" I sighed and raised an eyebrow at what I had just said… 'My parents'… I have parents? I said it so casually too, maybe the more I practice and relearn how to use my powers are the more my memories will come back…

"Hmm, the only thing that would have kept me going in there is that the hope one day someone would over throw the entire company and burn it down to the ground." A frown lined Logan's features as he turned to stare out of the window. I continued.

"There are quite a few people out there just like us, waiting to see which team will make the first move, only then will they come forward and help us." I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes.

"How do you kn-ow? That there are people out there with abilities?" His voice sounded like what happened to a black board as you dragged your nails down it, sore and very painful to the ears.

"The institute opened up several branches in America and a few other choice places around the world like Asia, Russia, Africa, Brazil,  Australia…. pretty much everywhere, they sometimes left the intercom to my vault on, but the biggest remains here in Britain. Around the corner."  This was common knowledge amongst everyone else, except Logan of course, I could practically hear the horror rising in his chest.

"WH-at?!" His voice gave out on him, making the end half sound raspy.

"Yeah, Phoebe moved us here hoping that they won't look on their doorstep. But you reacted to all this just as I did… I didn't catch the rest of the conversation as they realised it was on from the noise I made and switched it off- sorry but I kind of can't take you seriously, you sound like a cat being strangled, I never had to go through that, my voice broke over night" I chuckled.

"Lucky you…"  He forced sound out of his throat and folded his arms, he was still looking out of the window, watching two black four by fours cruise silently down the next street.

"Despite everything- I can't believe I'm saying this but you have to look at it from the CEO's point of view… with all of our powers contained he could do so much for the rest of the world, disease would be history with regeneration powers some of us have, renewable energy from Aero and Oli, being able to speak to animals with word for word interpretations from people with shape shifting abilities"-

"At the cost of completely losing your memories! Like you have, didn't you just say you'll never be truly happy until you have all of yours back?" His voice croaked now.

"You wouldn't know any better if you didn't remember anything in the first place, most of mine are still intact."

"That's not the point! You'd be like an overgrown kid! Having to relearn everything you've ever been taught to do, read and write, and all the rest of it!" Logan coughed and rubbed his chest.

"Yeah, it seems barbaric…"

"It's forced… what's it called? Amnesia! It is barbaric!" He was staring at me, horror in his eyes, they were wide and his chest was falling and rising rapidly, despite his throat and his voice breaking he was still able to shout.

"Everyone's points are valid, but doesn't it seem like we're being selfish with our powers?" It was genuine curiosity talking now but he still seemed totally against what I was saying, but all this fighting all the bloodshed that was still to come. Would any of it worth it? Once we took down this one, there are still the ones scattered across the world.

"No, now that I know I have them I don't want to give them up. They're mine." Logan was very defensive, considering how long he had been exposed to them.

"But its for research- if and when they decide to release it into the media, could benefit the whole world." They wouldn't start a company such as the Institute without the intention of wanting to help the world whether it was a minor difference or a colossal difference… it all still helps.

After claiming her room Assassin joined Phoebe in the kitchen, she was sat with a cheese toasty neatly held with a napkin, for herself, it was unusual that you'd see her eating something other than fried chicken and yet somehow she remained slim.

"Did you enjoy the day out?" Phoebe asked with a pleasant smile.

"It was tolerable, I got wet and watched two monkeys eat flees off each others back while Midnight spoke to his kin. It was nothing special; I would be lying if I said I didn't like Shockwave. But that was it. I detest the sun, I prefer torrential rain.

"Good that you enjoyed at least one ride, was everyone all right? How was Aero in the open air?" Phoebe drank some water from a straw her deep red hair brushing against her honeyed cheeks.

"Yes, he was fine, everyone was fine. I made sure we were hidden getting there and back, no one of importance was watching or nearby, I checked the moment we got there. If I had seen any of them I would have killed them."

"Assassin, they will get their comeuppance and you'll be in the midst of it. Watching it happen."  Phoebe said it with such a strength that would have made you believe anything she said, even if she was talking complete and utter nonsense.

Norman didn't know what to do with himself, he felt as though he ought to have been livid about Hayabusa's intrusion but he seemed more intrigued about it rather than anything else. He had watched his every move via the surveillance cameras planted around the facility to try and see if he could obtain any hints as to what he might have been looking for, even the behaviourist he had assigned to the task was baffled. Be that as it may, he had picked up on how much he had matured since seeing him last. His movements were light and refined, even the way he walked, it seemed like there was an ominous presence emitting from this being shrouded in black. From then on security was to be heightened to its fullest. No one was to walk through those doors as easily as he had.

Current Chapter: IIV

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MadRatLady Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
They've got a new place :D and eep, right next to the institute :O Still haven't had a chance to read it in full, had to break away - so difficult as it's so gripping! Want to read on! Have to do college work...
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Hehehe finish it soon! I'm glad you like it, what are your thoughts and where do you think it's going next? :D Hehehe!

Also I know quite scary isn't it :D
MadRatLady Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
I'll get round to it in time, though my mind is elsewhere focusing on blasted college recently - it'll be finished soon and I'll have more time than I know what to do with. I think, judging by the general scheme of things for your characters, it's getting close to the point where something big and nasty and dramatic is gonna kick off, just when they thought they'd settled...
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Annnnd yes, hehehee, I can't tell you what. But it will x
MadRatLady Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Dun dun duuun!
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student General Artist
*Evil smile*
MadRatLady Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Slightly messed up... ^_^
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah my teachers at college have moved our assessment deadlines forward...
MadRatLady Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Pure evil.
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